Ponder Me This

Meteora, Greece (2009)

Bear with me as I attempt to make sense of my random thoughts and creative outbursts in this blog. I’ll predominantly blog about food: my favourite dishes; techniques and step-by-step instructions on recipes new and old; as well as some arts and crafts blurbs; travel and travel goals, tips, tricks, aspirations; the occasional guest blog by a friend or two; and most definitely my two or ten cents on the world of hockey. (I’m Canadian, hockey is a religion, not an option).

The notion of a blog was first proposed to me by my sister about six months ago, I kept putting it off, thinking it was too savvy, hi-tech or too time-demanding for me to keep up with. Then, as life so often does, it threw a curveball. I found myself re-assessing my goals and life direction, with a lot more time on my hands. Her original proposal was to get back to something I was passionate about: writing and sports. Or, more specifically, writing about sports. So, without further ado, let’s get my bias’ out of the way- I’m a Vancouver Canucks fan. That does not mean I am incapable of being impartial in my peanut gallery commentary, it just means I’ll stick up for the home team more often than not. Hockey is not my sole sports obsession, either. I regularly follow football (Arsenal); American football (Patriots); baseball (Red Sox) and basketball (Mavericks). To ensure you are able to grasp my love for hockey, I should inform you I am currently writing this blog post during national anthems, and TV time-outs during the Canucks game at the moment. Now that’s what I call bad ass.

Needless to say, my sister’s encouragement back in the spring did not lead to this blog manifesting any sooner than today. The final push was the urging of a few friends, who, after sampling my cooking prowess encouraged me to post recipes and dishes for them to sample. Kind of like a virtual dinner party. I figure, hey, it’s December, I’ll be cooking, baking, and basically committing delicious gluttony all month long, why not write about it? I firmly and adamantly believe that food can unite people, and that people who cook and feed others are probably the most generous, candid and best people on earth. (Not to mention, their kitchen dancing skills are amazing).

I hope to post something twice a week, so, for those friends of mine reading this- don’t be afraid to give me a kick in the pants about it from time to time.

I leave you today with a sneak peek Christmas baking line-up for 2011, and what you (and my local friends) get to look forward to:
– Chocolate Chip Cookies
– Sugar Cookies
– Mocha Bites
– Checkerboard Cookies
– Lemon Wreaths
– Ginger Sisters
– Maple Bourbon Pecan Pie
– Raspberry Cheesecake
– Tiramisu



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