I would not be honest if I said I was sad to see 2011 go. The tail end of it sort of kicked my ass 5 ways from Tuesday. In all, I would categorize it as a “learning year”, one in which you find out things about yourself or others you didn’t know to begin with. A lot of my relationships developed or digressed in various ways, all of which I am safely say I am pleased with, now; ah, hindsight, my sweet mistress. Plenty of milestones took place in 2011: I planned my first bachelorette party; baked a cake that didn’t kill anyone, rather the opposite; helped my eldest sister down the aisle; discovered that I do not, in fact dislike infants; had 4 close friends get married, and another 3 engaged; got laid off for the first time; applied for employment insurance for the first time; and discovered I was emotionally stable enough to deal with all of the above and come out unscathed. Meera 1, potential breakdowns 0.

The beginning of 2012 most definitely brought with it a lot of reflection, and of course goal setting. My brother in law is something of my part-time life coach. Whether he knows it or not, our conversations have definitely helped form the resolutions I’m going to outline here, and, more specifically the phrasing of them. If anything, I’ve learned that a goal is not, in fact, a goal until it is written, or said in a certain way. The reason I am talking about goal setting with resolutions is two-fold. 1) Some of my resolutions are goals; and 2) Goal setting, at least this method, is a new thing to me, and in an effort to  have accountability, publishing this will give me a kick in the pants we all sometimes need. To outline this, I’ll refer to the Lululemon Goal Setting Worksheet. From the offset, you can see that a goal should be written in the present tense, be specific, and with a deadline. Right away, this gives you an anchor to work toward, some of us need that (me!), where as others are more in tune with the vague. (The Lululemon worksheet works in yearly increments, whereas I am focussing on this 1 year, and some longer term goals). With that, I give you my resolutions! Drumroll please….

  1. I blog at least once a week, by the end of 2012.
  2. I travel outside Canada once this year, (2012), for at least a week, job or no job.
  3. I am employed by March 1, 2012.
  4. I bake one item for all family celebrations this year, not repeating recipes.
  5. I improve my decorating and frosting skills by taking a class, or practicing a lot.
  6. I am more kind, and patient in all of my relationships (long-term goal).
  7. I dent my 30 x 30 goal*, in the next 3 years in a big, big way.
  8. I reconcile with “being selfish”- doing things for myself, for no other reason.
  9. I read 50 books by December 31, 2012.
  10. I learn a second language (again): French/Italian, from my school days (long-term).
  11. I get healthier, so as to prolong my life. Activities include: cardio, more yoga, hiking three times a week, to start (long-term goal).

*30 x 30 goal explanation below*

There we have it, my 2012 resolutions. As you can see, my book resolution is well under way, about 3 weeks ahead of schedule. My 30 x 30 goal is probably the one that confuses you most. 30 x 30 is an idea I had when I was backpacking around Europe a few years ago: that I want to have seen 30 countries by the age of 30. Now, you’re thinking “well, just do one of those 21 country, 23 day trips and Bob’s your Uncle!” I travel differently. Those tours are often so rushed, and packed that you don’t remember one country to the next. I do not consider a country officially on my list until it meets certain criteria: I’ve eaten traditional food, drank traditional alcohol, met one person from the country, or can confidently provide directions to a stranded person. I have a three-year-old checklist of countries I want to see, some of which will be rearranged in priority order based on environmental or political concerns. Of that checklist, I have knocked off 9; 10 if you include a trip to Kenya when I was three, but all I can remember is camping in a cave, a pool at some beach-side hotel, and monkeys stealing our lunch during a picnic. Simple math would tell you that I have 20/21 more to go. You can see how this is now a lofty little goal, and without a doubt is probably the one closest to my heart. (But more on that later).

For now, I leave you with just one question: What are your resolutions for 2012?

P.S. I will be live-blogging/tweeting a very very very, VERY important hockey game tomorrow morning between the Canucks and the Boston Bruins at 10 am PST/1 pm EST. (We met them for all the marbles last year, and fell in the last game of the series- this is the first time we’ve met since, *gulp*).


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