The Fall Quarter

2012 has continued to move at a blistering pace. The summer moved faster than I could keep up, and the next thing I know, October is around the corner. This brings us to a reflection of my resolutions for this year- as you’ll recall, I set these goals in January. For reference sake, you can peek at the original post. As I’ve done previously, I’ll summarize quickly below.

  1. I blog at least once a week, by the end of 2012.
  2. I travel outside Canada once this year, (2012), for at least a week, job or no job.
  3. I am employed by March 1, 2012.
  4. I bake one item for all family celebrations this year, not repeating recipes.
  5. I improve my decorating and frosting skills by taking a class, or practicing a lot.
  6. I am more kind, and patient in all of my relationships (long-term goal).
  7. I dent my 30 x 30 goal*, in the next 3 years in a big, big way.
  8. I reconcile with “being selfish”- doing things for myself, for no other reason.
  9. I read 50 books by December 31, 2012.
  10. I learn a second language (again): French/Italian, from my school days (long-term).
  11. I get healthier, so as to prolong my life. Activities include: cardio, more yoga, hiking three times a week, to start (long-term goal).

On the whole, I’ve managed to make headway in most of these goals, keeping in mind that some were written as longer term goals, and for my own sanity, some goals were shelved completely for the time-being. Let’s begin with the obvious: I have not blogged once a week, in fact, it has been far less frequent, but, I do make the case for quality over quantity. I have not yet travelled outside of Canada for a week, however there is still a good portion of the year remaining to amend that.

I was indeed employed by March 1, 2012. With an accounting firm based in downtown Vancouver, a contract that was book-ended with a contract at an insurance company located conveniently across the street from my previous job. As of this moment (September 24, 2012), I am once more, fun-employed, this time in Ottawa. Here, my job hunting prowess begins anew (relatively speaking), though I have high hopes for this city.

Goals 3 and 4 can be grouped hand in hand, and I am saddened to say, life changes took priority over these two aspirations. Fear not, foodie friends, Christmas is peeking around the corner, so salvation, and royal icing will once more take centre stage! Goal 7, my 30 x 30 goal is on going, and a constant presence in the back of my mind, so it is shelved for this moment, but not forgotten. Goals 10 and 11 are both once again long term goals that I have been working toward since the start of the year. My mind and body have thanked me for my actions thus far, so I assume staying the course is the only option at this moment.

Goal 6 and 8, being more patient in all of my relationships, as well as being more selfish, is still a work-in-progress. I think this is something we all continually strive to do throughout our adult lives. To that extent, this got put the test prior to my move with my family, their fears and wants for me, as well as our overall ability to communicate openly and effectively. Yes, it is tough when there is such a strong generational gap and overarching outlook on life between your parents and yourself, and in my case, my sister and brother-in-law really helped but a lot of things in to perspective for me. Something I have yet to thank them for, and something that I am not sure I can ever fully express my gratitude over. I do have to say that it is truly humbling to realize that I have so many good people in my corner, backing me up.

I have made major headway in my 50 Book Pledge this summer, currently cutting my teeth on Anna Karenina. It’s a tough mother of a read, but I hope the commitment will pay off. It’s one of those books that you hear constantly of; best-seller lists, greatest reads of all time, most talked about, etc. I had to give it a shot.

There you have it, a super quick update on my resolutions set back in January. Honestly, if I didn’t know better, I’d have thought those goals were made in a different year, by a different person. In a way, that is precisely the case- the girl who started out 2012 is certainly not the same person writing this blog now, for better or worse, she’s changed, and I’m kind of liking it.


3 thoughts on “The Fall Quarter

  1. How successful have you been with achieving these goals? Also the list is rather long, it may end up swamping you, short lists are more likely to get achieved, long lists can be too daunting I find…

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