Baking 101 and Disclaimers 

All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much.
-George Harrison, (The Beatles) 

  • My Brother-in-Law would argue that baking is a science, all measurements need to be done precisely in order for things to turn out awesome. I say poppycock to that. Apart from recipes requiring baking power or yeast, I experiment here and there; how else would you find out that lemon really DOES taste good with dark chocolate?
  • I swear by my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer; since it came into my life, I bake more, and of a higher quality. Mine is in Onyx, he goes by the name of Jeeves.
  • When I cite a recipe calling for “sticky” ingredients (molasses, honey, maple syrup, etc), I use a bit of vegetable spray in the measuring cup. This allows you to pour the full quantity out much easier and makes for a quicker clean-up.
  • Bakeware you should invest in, if you haven’t already, include the following:
    -Baking Sheets (I prefer the rimmed sheets, but it’s up to you)
    -Mixing bowls, these can be Melamine or stainless steel, both get the job done
    -Old fashioned wooden spoon (slacking with your triceps curls? Fret not!)
    -Good quality metal spatula or pastry scraper
    -A few good cooling racks
  • Last but not least, you must absolutely have a good sense of humour. The finished product might not look perfect, but I guarantee that nine times out of ten, it’ll taste rid-damn-diculously good.


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